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The Netherlands, a big name for such a small country and I’m not talking about the number of syllables but about the fame and infamous history of the Netherlands, that made the Netherlands what it is today.

The Netherlands is a kingdom with as their king Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand van Oranje-Nassau in his full name. The biggest part of the Netherlands lies in the north-west of Europe, on the north sea coast. In the south bordered to Belgium and in the east lies Germany. The capital city is Amsterdam. The Caribbean islands Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba have been part of the Netherlands since 10 October 2010 as special municipalities. The Netherlands became independent in the 80 years war (1568-1648) in which the northern and the southern Netherlands revolted against Spanish domination. In 1579 the Nothern Netherlands formed the Union of Utrecht, which created a new political entity. With the Act of Verlatinghe of 1581, the regions of that union proclaimed the independence of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces, which received international recognition around 1609, at the beginning of the Twelve Years ‘Truce, and after the end of the Eighty Years’ War in 1648 also form Spain at the Peace of Münster.

A great part of the Netherlands is below the average sea level. by this, the Dutch people are famed for their great engineering skills and water management. They build one of the greatest flood defenses the world has ever seen, they call it the Deltawerken and was created after the ‘Watersnoodramp’ (flood disaster). This disaster took the lives of 1836 people and caused major damages to houses, buildings, and infrastructure. about 100.000 people lost their house and their belongings. tens of thousands of animals drowned. The Dutch people decided that this could never happen again and so they build the Deltawerken. The Deltawerken protects is built in the province Zeeland and is built in several parts: Stormvloedkering Hollandse IJssel in 1958, Haringvlietdam in 1970, Oosterscheldekering in 1986, and last Maeslntkering in 1997.

The Netherlands was once part of the Roman Empire and later part of the Holy Roman Empire, which were fast and strong empires with lots of territories. These empires were known for their great armies and their strong economy. Throughout the years when these empires fell the people stayed and so did the willpower of the people. When colonization became a thing the Dutch people were in for it. The Netherlands had colonies and trading posts on every continent. This is why the Dutch people were one of the greatest colonizers.

Countries which were fully or partly colonized or ruled by the Netherlands:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Belgium
  3. Brazil
  4. Ivory Coast
  5. French Guiana
  6. Ghana
  7. Guyana
  8. India
  9. Indonesia
  10. Luxembourg
  11. Mauritius
  12. United States
  13. South Africa
  14. Sri Lanka
  15. Taiwan
  16. Suriname

The countries where the Netherlands established a trading post:

  1. Angola
  2. Australia
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. Japan
  7. Kuwait
  8. Malaysia
  9. Morocco
  10. Namibia
  11. São Tomé and Príncipe
  12. Senegal
  13. Thailand
  14. Yemen

Thanks to these colonies and trading posts the Netherlands is a strong independent country today.

May we meet again!

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