The Intellyless Tribe

In the caveman times, people walked around in groups of approximately about 100 to 150 people. These groups were called tribes and they didn’t stay in one place for a very long time. The reason for this was because everyone needed to be fed. So as we came somewhere where it was rich in animals and fruits we ate everything and once it got difficult to find food or animals we left. And no, we were not one with nature, animals or the climate like at all. We came we ate everything, we left and we let nature clear up the damage we caused. This must have taken not too long because there were not that many people on earth these days. approximately anytime before humans began farming (about 14.000BC), there were less than one million people alive. since the dawn of the age of farming up to 1AD, the human population grew from less than one million up to about 170 million people.

We never had to change these old habits because there was nothing to fear and no one kept us from keeping these habits. But today, we see the result of over 7.5 billion people who never really cared about the climate and thanks to that now we are on the edge of a climate crisis. Temperatures are rising, the sea level is rising, the seasons are changing and even more. Yeah, we are changing our habits bit by bit since the last decade or two but my question is will it be fast enough or will we be too late already?

We also do have some different habits and that is to destroy everything that scares us, different from our standards is, or we just want to have what they got if it’s an animal, a group of animals, a group of people or even whole countries. We already fought 2 world wars past century, it took quite long since the last world war has ended already, so when will be the next? Or can we somehow prevent another world war from happening? Can we prevent the third world war and thereby a possible nuclear war which may end life on earth?

Intellyless has the dream to change the world, Intellyless has the dream that we can make the world better place. The dream of Intellyless is to create a society founded on good leadership, and followed by enthusiastic, fulfilled people who feel safe everywhere they go. We dream of a world where there is no need for war, we dream of a world where everyone grows up like an equal to anyone else, how different they may be. From male to female, with transgenders and transsexuals in between, straight or gay, from small to tall, from thin to fat, from strong to weak, and from smart to stupid everyone should be respected as an equal human animal. And yes this is a long shot, but we don’t have to hit the target tomorrow, next year or even next 100 years. change takes time and our small tribe dreams of being parts of this change.

Do you also dream of a word without the need for war? Click here to talk about your dreams!

May we meet again!

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