The Happy Chemicals: Serotonin

We are stumbling upon the last two 0f the four chemicals. Like I said the previous two chemicals are the selfish chemicals, but why? You don’t need anybody next to you or even closeby to get these chemicals, you can go for a run or exercise you will get endorphins, you will get dopamine. Dopamine is even dangerous and even destructive if it’s unbalanced. It is hugely helpful if it is in a healthy and balanced system. You don’t need anybody’s help to get dopamine and endorphins but you won’t have any feelings of fulfillment, love or trust. That’s why we discuss two more chemicals: Serotonin and Oxytocin these two chemicals are attempting to manage dopamine and endorphins. These two chemicals are what makes our society great, this is where people like Johnny Bravo come from. Because of these two chemicals that leaders really fulfill their great responsibilities.

Outside in our world, there is danger at all times for various reasons. 50.000 Years ago this may have been a panther, lions, or other predatory animals, the weather, it may have been any number of things. Things that with no conscience are trying to kill you, they want to end your life! With all these dangers around how do we survive? Well, it’s simple, we work together. We come together in our small tribe to feel like we belong and to be around the people who believe in what we believe so that we may feel safe. When we are surrounded by the people who have our best interest in mind then we will feel safe. We will cooperate and organize ourselves to face the dangers outside of our tribe, don’t forget the outside dangers are a constant, inside our tribe the dangers we face are not a constant they are a variable and they are the decisions of our leader as to how safe he makes us feel when we are together, when we stand for something, this is the job of our leader. When we stand together we can overcome the dangers outside of our tribe, when we break up inside our tribe. when our leader doesn’t allow us a space to feel safe inside our tribe. Then we have to, we’re forced to exert our energy to protect ourselves from each other and then we will be exposed to greater danger from the outside.

A great leader will extend the circle to the outermost edges of his tribe so that the most junior person feels like they belong. Tha they feel like they have top-cover from somebody like Johnny Bravo. This is what these two chemicals are trying to do.


Serotonin is the leadership-chemical and is responsible for the feelings of pride and status. And this is why public recognition is important, we are social animals and we need the recognition of others. This is why we have Oscars, public award events, this is why we have commencement for graduation. We make this always a big ceremony to recognize the accomplishment and in the audience, we put our family, friends, and teachers all of those in our tribe who’ve supported us. And when we go up on stage and take our diploma it feels great, we feel our status rise, our pride goes up, and with serotonin, in your veins, your confidence goes up also. The best part of this is that at the same moment you took your diploma and got your surge of serotonin also your parents sitting in the audience got a surge of serotonin. This is what serotonin is trying to do it is trying to reinforce the bond between parent and child, boss and employee, coach and player, and the caregiver and the one who is grateful for the support they are given.

The problem here is, is that you can trick serotonin, we live in a materialist society so we judge status very often based on the amount of money they make. So any conspicuous display of wealth raises your status. Only there will no real relationship be reinforced by putting on you high-end Gucci shoes, and stepping in your Ferrari.

May we meet again!

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