The Happy Chemicals: Endorphins

Endorphins are designed to do one thing and one thing only, to mask physical pain. When you exercise a lot you probably have heard of an endorphin rush or runners high. What basically happens when you are exercising and pushing harder than ever before, then you will feel good right? and when you are done, you feel great. An hour later or a day later you’re in pain because of the damage you caused while exercising. This is what endorphins do, what they are designed for to mask physical pain. We developed this chemical about 50.000 years ago. The Homosapien lived at the same time of several other hominid species, but we were the only one to survive. So what is it about this species that we are so good at survival and thriving. It’s not just because we’re smart, we’re not the strongest (without weapons at least), and we’re not the smartest. We Homo sapiens are social animals, we have to do our things together, we have to look after each other, and we have to work together to survive. This is one of the chemicals that is trying to make that happen.

We go back to the Paleolithic era about 50.000 years ago, we had to eat, we were not the strongest, fastest or even smartest. Only there is one thing that the human animal is made for, endurance. We would track an animal for hours upon hours and if we were tired we kept going if we got injured or we had to bring back a whole lion to our tribe we’d continued to do it. It was so good and felt even better, that we even may have volunteered to go hunting the next day. Just like we can get addicted to exercising today like: “Oh yeah this was so great, I totally will go hunting tomorrow”. This was/is a good system for the survival of our tribe.

By the way, the reason laughing feels good is because of endorphins, you’re actually convulsing your internal organs and this should hurt. But the endorphins are masking this pain so it feels good. I’m sure you sometimes laughe so much that the endorphins eventually run out and you go like: “stop, stop it hurts”. Endorphins they feel good!

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May we meet again!

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