The Happy Chemicals: Dopamine

Do you know that feeling when you find something you were looking for? Or when you crossed something off of your to-do list? Well, That is Dopamine and it feels good. The reason for us to have dopamine is to get stuff done. If in historical times we always waited until we were hungry to go to find food, we would never eat because there was no guarantee we would find food. So dopamine exist to help us to find food, also eating releases dopamine that’s eating feels so good. So if we see something that reminds us of something good, we want to do the behavior that helps us to get that feeling.

Imagine you’re at a park and you see a delicious donut stand with a lot of people trying to get one. You really want a donut too, a shot of dopamine rushes through your body. You start walking towards the donut stand, as you pass that bridge and end up at the open field where to donut stand is you feel like you’re making progress and you get another shot of dopamine. you walk towards the crowd and wait in line, finally, it’s your turn and you get another shot of dopamine. you order the most delicious one on the menu and another shot of dopamine is released into your body and finally, you got your donut and it’s worth all the walking and waiting in line so delicious it is! And this is why you’re told that you must write down your goals must be tangible. There’s a biological reason for that we are very visually oriented animals. You have to be able to SEE the goal for it to biologically stay focused on that goal or those goals.

Be warned: Dopamine is Highly addictive! Dopamine is released by various things such as: Alchohol, Nicotine, Gambling, Your cell phone, and more. We’ve all been told that if you wake up in the morning and you crave a drink that you’re an alcoholic. Well if you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is to check your phone before you even get out of bed, you might be an addict. If you walk from room to room in your own house with your phone in your hand, you might be an addict. If you drive your car and you get a text, your phone goes beep. We truly hate email, but the beep, the buzz, the ding oh boy do we love that. You are almost there but you can’t wait and have to look at it right now, you might be an addict. Even if you read it and it says: “are you free this Saturday?” and you have to reply, you might be an addict. For all you Millenials (Gen Y) out there who say you’re better at multitasking because you grew up with the technology, why do you keep crashing your cars when you’re texting? you’re not better at multitasking you’re better at getting distracted. And don’t get me wrong I’m a millennial myself.

May we meet again!

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