Podcast announcement

It is so far I’m going to release a podcast, I’m going to do a course with LondenReal called ‘Broadcast Yourself’. This course teaches you how to create a successful podcast, It will take 8 weeks of my life, costs about 2997$ USD. I’m really excited to do this and I will keep you all up to date on my progress. My podcast is not really different from this blog, it’s going to be focused on the bright side of life and how to live happily and fulfilled. Featuring about the same sort of topics as published here on the blog. With inspiring guests who do everything in their power to create a better and happier world. The first episode will be released in a few weeks exact dates will follow up.

I’m excited and I hope to learn a lot from this course, the course will start on the 20th of March officially. I think that this will be the best and most important step in my life to get further to where and who I want to be, so I’m going all in for this course and will keep everyone up to date on my progress.

May we meet again!

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