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At the Friday’s by us at work, we like to drink some beer at talk to each other. Normally I go home as soon as I possibly can, but today I thought you know what why not. So I took some beer out of the refrigerator and opened them up as soon as everyone was there I started counting. We were with 11 men all drink some beer, at the tables were 10 mobile phones some of us used their phone while talking and some only put it down on the table. When I left there were 29 beers drunken (whereof 3 were mine) and after that probably a few more, we also ate some fried snacks and listened to music. No one seemed to be bothered or irritated by everything was fine. Sometimes I watch Simen Sinek talks on youtube. Simon Sinek said in one of those talks that when someone puts down their mobile phone on the table during a boardroom meeting or just an after work chat like we did today it sends a subconscious message out (even if you don’t use it) that says: ‘you are not that important to me right now’. Yet no one was bothered that these mobile phones were on the table which made me think, why not? was it because 10 out of 11 of us did it or was it something else?

Simon also said that the use of mobile phones releases dopamine and dopamine as we know is highly addictive. So I thought ‘did it come so far that we all (the millennials and gen-x both just as much) are so addicted to our mobile phone that we don’t even recognize this subconscious message anymore?’. Is our mental evolution shape so much by the addictive technology of today that an addiction is a standard for the future of human life? Can this dopamine-based world we live in still be reversed or are we already too addicted to reverse it? Could we make this world an oxytocin-based world where an addiction will be rare?

May we meet again!

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