The Intellyless Tribe: Explanation

The Intellyless tribe (Intellytribe) is basically just the name for a phase of this blog/website/idea/dream/movement(/call it how you want). This is the phase of the big dreams, the ideals. Later when we settle down with our ideals and exactly know where we want to go, than we can start building our village. This village will grow into a city and from there we create a township. Eventually, we will join together with other townships and we become a state. When our state grows larger and larger it will become a kingdom and at last, our kingdom will become an empire.

These phases don’t have a fixed deadline and will not have a maximum or minimum time limit if it’s needed these phases can be spread over a period of over several hundreds of years. This dream of us isn’t about going fast, it’s about going far. Go fast go alone, go far go together.

The big Intellytribe dream is to create one society worldwide that is based on good leaders who are voluntarily followed by enthusiastic and fulfilled people. A world without the need for war and instead that we work together and motivate each other to create a better tomorrow. A world where we aren’t punished for the things that we do wrong but where we are promoted by the things we do well and helped to do better next time when things go wrong. A world where everyone can get the best out of themselves, so that they may have a happy and fulfilled life. A world where every human is respected as an equal even for how different they may be.

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May we meet again!

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