Be your own captain

If life was the ocean, our ship would be our path, and the land would be our destination. Sometimes the water is calm and sometimes we are inside a storm. The captain is you and you decide where we come to land, our friends and family are our crew and they help you to reach your destination. The main tasks of the captain are to make his crew feel safe and feel like they belong, to help his crew to do right for themselves, to choose the right path, not the shortest or the one with least resistance, to educate himself on his journey, and to ask himself every moment what his choices are, were and will be and what of an effect they may have upon his crew, himself, and the future.

Do you:

  1. Surround yourself with positive role models or negative influencers?
  2. Listen to your conscience or fall victim to temptation?
  3. Satisfy your needs or try to please everyone else?
  4. Leave your comfort zone or become paralyzed by fear?
  5. Put first things first or treat everything as a priority?
  6. Set high expectations or settle for mediocrity?
  7. Learn every day or allow yourself to become stale?
  8. Crave instant gratification or invest in your future?
  9. Forgive and forget or harbor anger?
  10. Jump right in or put things off?
  11. Keep your promises or break your commitments?
  12. Do your best or just check off items as complete?
  13. Accept personal responsibility or make excuses?
  14. Appreciate what you have or continually reach for more?
  15. Stand up for your beliefs or blow with the wind?
  16. Delegate responsibility or maintain tight control?
  17. Accept adversity like a champ or feel sorry for yourself?
  18. Grumble about things or work to make them better?
  19. Live in the present or relive the past?
  20. Simplify your life or settle for complexity?
  21. Go it alone or seek assistance from others?
  22. Follow the rules or act like a maverick?
  23. Admit that things are beyond your control or beat your head against the wall?
  24. Think win-win or conspire to get the upper hand?
  25. Speak out against injustice or expect others to do the heavy lifting?
  26. Voice your opinion or maintain silence?
  27. Seek the truth or allow yourself to be swayed by public opinion?
  28. Give it all you’ve got or surrender to a moment of weakness?
  29. Maintain an open mind or cling to long-standing viewpoints?
  30. Protect what you have or risk it all?
  31. Recognize when to say no or serve as a doormat?
  32. Volunteer yourself or wait for others to raise their hand?
  33. Second-guess your decisions or move forward with confidence?
  34. Hold your head high or criticize and belittle yourself?
  35. Believe you control your destiny or think you’re a victim of circumstance?

Life doesn’t get better by chance, life gets better by choice.

May we meet again!

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