• Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and government reform causes. The son of Lebanese immigrants to the United States, Nader was educated at Princeton and Harvard and first came to prominence in 1965 wi…[Read more]

  • This man is an old legend, a king and a plague in the 9th century for France and England this man is nothing less then Ragnar Lodbrok (Lothbrok, old Norwegian Ragnarr Loðbrók: Ragnar “hairy pants” or “Shaggy-Breeches). He was the son of the Swedish king Sigurd Hring and related to the Denish king Gudfred. Ragnar has been married three times wit…[Read more]

  • Japan the land of the rising sun, the Japanese are an island people, proud and pious with a rich culture of arts and letters.

  • We dream of a world where there is no need for war, we dream of a world where everyone is respected for the human animal he/she is, we dream of a world based on good leadership who are followed by enthusiastic and fulfilled people.

    What is your dream?

  • Do you like to have some input in the next song of the day? well here is your chance, post your favorite song here!

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