Rammstein is a German metal band, self they say that they produce Tanzmetall (Dance Metal), either a synthetic progressive metal, Industrial, and Techno with some gothic influences. However, Rammstein says they created their own German style. Guitarist Paul Landers and drummer Christoph Schneider say in an interview on Pinkpop in 1997 that there is no scene, but there are similar bands. This probably refers to the Slovenian group Laibach and the German bands Eisbrecher, Megaherz and Die Krupps. In contrast to these bands, Rammstein became world famous for their music. The vocals are provided by Till Lindemann and can be characterized as raw, rough and dominant. The guitar music consists mainly of very heavy electrical parts and serves mainly as the engine of their music. In addition to drums, Rammstein uses a keyboard that is used in almost all songs. The music has a lot of common ground with industrial.

Rammstein is established in January 1994 by Richard Zven Kruspe, In 1989 he fled communist East Germany and ended up in West Berlin, where he founded his band Orgasm Death Gimmicks in 1991. When the Berlin Wall fell, he went to Schwerin where a good friend of his, Till Lindemann, worked as a basket weaver. Richard lived at that time with Oliver Riedel and Christoph Schneider. Richard could not identify with the music they made and wanted something with machines and hard guitars. The three then started the new project. On 28 August 1988, three Italian fighter planes collided at an air show at the US airbase in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany. In addition, 35 spectators died immediately and hundreds were injured. The death toll would eventually reach around seventy. The band changed the name of the location, Ramstein, in Rammstein. This (invented) word means something like ram or beech stone. They chose to adjust it because the meaning seemed to fit their music. The first song, “Rammstein”, was about the fatal air show. This number has been part of the set list of each tour from 1994 to 2005. In the tour that started on 8 November 2009 in Lisbon, Rammstein was no longer part of the set list, but in 2012 it was included again in the set list.

Can one break a heart, could hearts talk, can one torment a heart, can one steal a heart? They want my heart to be in the right place but then I look down and it beats left. Can hearts sing, can a heart shatter, can hearts be pure, can a heart be of stone?

This song was written in response to the many claims that Rammstein is a Nazi band that badly influenced various school shootings. The song’s chorus shows that the band’s political views are on the left. The song also has a double meaning. The line “Links 2 3 4″ also means that their hearts beat on the left.

May we meet again!

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