A Punk rock/Celtic folk Band from Sydney, Australia, here we have the Rumjacks. This band is formed in 2008 by Frankie McLaughlin and Johnny McKelvey. Franky McLaughlin is the vocalist of the band and Johnny McKelvey is the bassist. The band was joined by Gabriel Whitbourne, Adam Kenny, and Antony Matters. Gabriel Whitbourne is the guitarist, Adam Kenny plays the mandolin, the banjo, and the bouzouki, and last Anthony Matters for the drums. Through their constant touring and energetic performance, the band quickly became a must-see band in the Sydney and Australian music scene. Prior to 2010, Frankie was co-vocalist with Will Swan, who sung and co-wrote several songs in 2009. Will left in 2010, after some tension, and would later join The Rouge Scholars. After some lineup changes the band settled and maintained their lineup. Recording 3 albums together, ‘Gangs of New Holland’ in 2010, ‘Sober and Godless’ in 2015, and finally they released ‘Sleeping Rough’ in 2016. The music video for their 2011 single ‘An Irish Pub Song’ from the album ‘Gangs of New Holland’ exploded online, an amazing 39 million views on youtube alone. They had some controversies in the past but I’m not here to judge.

If I had my time again, I know I’d be a learned man, an artisan in high demand, a doctor or a teacher. If I had my time again, I know I’d be a roving man, I’d rove away to far Japan to court the Emperors daughter. If I’d my time again, I know I’d be a fighting man in far Malay or Vietnam, tho I’m more a lover. I’d live and die right where I stand if I’d my time again.

A man who spends his time working a job he hates wishing he had his time again. So he could learn and could have a better job that he would love to do. that’s where this song is about, it’s never too late to learn more and it’s never too late to get a job you love.

May we meet again!

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