2NE1 pronounced as to anyone or twenty-one was a Korean pop group created in 2009 by YG Entertainment. The group exists out of 3 members: CL, Dara, and Bom. The group had a fourth member Minzy who left the group earlier in April 2016. The name of the group stands for the new revolution of the 21st century. 2NE1 told in November 2016 that the group will go apart in the future. On 21 January 2017 brought the group a new single out for their fans.

The press first announced the group at the and of 2008 when YG Entertainment told that the group would exist out of 4 members. The idea was that the group was called 21 when YG Entertainment discovered that there already is an artist with that name. After discovering this they came up with 2NE1.

We’re about to set the roof on fire, baby. You gotta ring the alarm, it’s 2NE1. Come in into another world coming back from the tiresome worries. My eyes are filled with shining stars, even the light is burning in my heart. It won’t be forever, there’s nothing to lose.

I want to go crazy. I want to go faster. To those tall buildings, towards the blue sky. Get up even if I fall down a lot, even if the world I trusted betrays me again. I will not cry like a fool.

My heart’s running fast enough to make me run out of breath. Somehow I don’t hate it, I’m having fun. Don’t be afraid, let it go. For a better tomorrow.

May we meet again!

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