Godsmack is an American heavy metal band from Lawrence, Massachusetts consists of four musicians. Godsmack was created in February 1995. After Sully Erna played drums for over 23 years he decided to create his own band in 1994. A year later the next members joined his band: Robbie Merrill, Tony Rombola, and Lee Richards.

In 2002 Godsmack was awarded for a Grammy award in the category best rock instrumental performance with their single ‘Vampires’ from the album ‘Awake’.

I stand alone, feeling your sting down inside me. I’m not dying for it and I’m not afraid of fading.

Now it is my time, my time to dream. Dream of the skies. Make me believe this place isn’t plagued by the poison in me. Help me decide if my fire will burn out before you can breathe.

A song about a man standing alone not physically but mentally, a depression referred to as a poisonous sting. Fighting not to die and not afraid to change.

Now he decides it is his time to shine, to dream. The sky is the limit and no one is going to stop him to reach his goals.

May we meet again!

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