KISS is a shock rock/hard rock band who is in America one of the most successful bands known of all time. In Europe, KISS is mostly known for their hit I was made for loving you. KISS is created in January 1973 by Gene Simmons (real name: Chaim Witz) and Paul Stanley (real name: Stanley Eisen). They wanted KISS to be the band they always wanted to see/find/hear but never did, as they said it ‘The Hottest Band in the World’. The band name Is created by Paul Stanley and is dissected from a song of The New York Dolls, ‘Looking for a kiss’. First stories from christening publicly tell that the name KISS is an abbreviation off Knights In Satan’s Service is or things like that. KISS is well known for their white faces, it is their status icon. From 1983 to 1995 KISS decided to put off their masks and Before their album ‘Lick it up’. they thought it would be good for the band, and indeed this album ‘Lick it up’ was the first album in 4 years to reach a Platinum award and so did the next album ‘Animalize’. In 1995 by an acoustic performance for MTV, stepped Peter Criss and Ace Frehley in again for a reunion performance. Here is it that they decided to put their masks on once again.

I was made for loving you, says it all on this day of love. Too much of anything is bad, but too much of love is barely enough. We just never seem to get enough of it, but that is a good thing for the survival of the human being. So do not stop giving your love to the world and I will do the same.

May we meet again!

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