In Flames is a melodic death metal band from Götenborg, Sweden. The band was founded in the late 80’s by Jesper Strömblad, who had left the band Ceremonial Oath because he wanted to make music in a different direction. The singer Anders Fridén has sung on the first album of Dark Tranquility and Mikael Stanne (singer Dark Tranquility) has sung on the first album of In Flames. The band gets its influences from Swedish folk music (although they can hardly be heard on the newer albums), Iron Maiden and old-school death metal from Sweden. The band, together with Dark Tranquility and At The Gates, is considered the pioneer of melodic death metal (more specifically Gothenburg metal). Lately, the band also seems to appeal to the mainstream metal audience, due to the influences from the Nu-metal corner. The band exists under its current name since 1990 and is still active.

The lead singer/lyricist Anders Fridén, he said that “Deliver Us” is not a love song, but is “about overcoming your obstacles in life, and how important it is to say to someone you care about that they are great and how you feel you’re on top of the world.” Anders Fridén was using a lot of metaphors in his songwriting around this time, which is apparent on this track (“I’d give the world to you…”). He tells us that he wrote in this style to make the songs more ambiguous, which opens them up for interpretation. “I want people to make up their own minds,” he said. “I’m happy if people can adapt my lyrics to their own life.” The video, directed by Patric Ullaeus, was shot in the band’s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden, which conveniently has a giant Ferris wheel. This meant that the band could play their instruments on the ride and also show off the stunning scenery of the city. This was the lead single from the Sounds of a Playground Fading album, the first In Flames album released following the departure of guitarist Jesper Strömblad.


May we meet again!

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