Today we got Heidevolk with their song Ostara (meaning spring). Heidevolk is a dutch Folk-, Viking Metal band. the Band exists since 2002 until now. Their music is inspired by nature, the history of Gelderland (a city in the Netherlands) and the German mythological traditions. Their songs are provided with Dutch texts with the exception of 4 songs: Vulgaris Magistralis, Vinland, A wolf in my heart, and The Alliance.

Heidevolk started out under the name Hymir in September 2002 by 6 young men. All of them inspired and fascinated by nature, the German mythology, folklore and the history of Gelderland. They wanted to make music together that subjected their fascinations. They came up with the name Heidevolk when they walked through the Veluwe (Dutch natural reserve). The band began performing in 2003. Their first songs and albums they created on their own.

Ostara is a song about the spring, where it starts to warm up and everything starts to grow. Day and night become evenly long. It is the time where everything and everyone, start to wake up and get out of their winter sleep.

May we meet again!

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