Song of the Day: #1 BabyMetal

Today we begin with BabyMetal as the first artist and song of the day.

BabyMetal is a Japanese metal band. the band exists out of 3 young Japanese girls as singers and dancers. The oldest girl is Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL), next in line of age follows Yui Mizuno (YUIMETAL) and last but definitely not least there is Moa Kikuchi (MOAMETAL). The band falls under multiple music genres such as Kawaii Metal (Japanese for Cute Metal), Japanese Pop, Heavy Metal, Death Metal and Symphonic Metal.

Suzuka NakamotoSuzuka Nakamoto is born on 20 December 1997 (age now is 20)

Yui Mizuno is born on 20 June 1999 (age now is 18)

Moa Kikuchi is born on 4 July 1999 (age now is 18)

Each of the girls are both singers, musicians, and models and Yui Mizuno is even an actress. The band BabyMetal exists since 2010 where the girls where at an age of 12, 11 and 11. None of the 3 girls new what Metal music is before the band was created, so even for them, this was a totally new concept for the world of music. With there first single Doki Doki morning they surprised us all, but even more surprising was how the music went viral and not only in Japan. Some call it revolutionizing, some don’t consider it as metal music. However, this didn’t stop the girls from releasing more songs and even a second album.

No reason why I can’t understand it, open your mind we can understand it. Please let me know if you know this is the end of the world, let me know if you know the truth.

The song was performed for the first time at 12&13 December 2015 at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama Japan. There are 2 different versions of this song the original which is mostly Japanese and the English version which is as it says in English. They tell the world that this is our song that this is our dream to stand together in a circle pit side by side and that we together can take us to the land of dreams.

To me, this song sounds like that they want to say: ‘hey we are together in this. You!, I!, We! can fix this, but only if we stay together’. A song like this inspires me to tell you that this isn’t the end of the world, to tell you that this is just a new beginning.

May we meet again!

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